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Frog Sizes

  • Part No.
    • #5Frog
    • #7Frog
    • #9Frog
  • Product Description
    • 7 5/8 gauge for 7 1/2" gauge engine fits 7/8" base.
    • 7 5/8 gauge for 7 1/2" gauge engine fits 15/16" base.
    • 7 3/8 gauge for 7 1/4" gauge engine fits 15/16" base.
  • Price
    • $25.00
    • $27.00
    • $28.50


    Cast in aluminum and machined to line right up with your rail our switch frogs are available in three sizes:

    #5 Switch Frog – 32’ radius
    #7 Switch Frog – 60’ radius
    #9 Switch Frog - 102’ radius

    How to Order

    To place a order please call us 330-346-0496.   Due to the size and volume of most of our products we can get you better shipping rates and options by handling your order personally!  Plus we love talking to our customers!


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